Autoclave Re-control and Re-build

It is a well-known fact that autoclaves are ridiculously unreliable machines. It doesn't have to be this way. A good mechanical design, a good control system with good software, and high quality components all serve to make reliable machines. This quality comes at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. It is expected that the life of the autoclave could be extended at least ten years. Solutions come in the form of re-control, mechanical modifications or total rebuild. It all depends on the condition of your machine.

Eligable Machines

Autoclaves that are candidates for the Caplex treatment have interior dimensions 20" x 20" x 38" and larger.

You're Not Locked In

No proprietary components are used. You are not locked into a single source for parts. All source code is included. That doesn't mean that you're on your own. All jobs come with a full parts and labour warranty. Your investment is protected.

Cycle Development

The sterilizing process is well understood at Caplex. If you have a special load to sterilize, a special cycle can be developed for you.

Reliable Industrial Control

All re-control packages include an industrial programmable logic controller (PLC), colour touch screen(s), new RTD temperature sensors, chamber pressure transducer, and panel mounted thermal printer.

The software is robust, offering 30 configurable cycles and a comprehensive detailed print-out of cycle history.

Standard cycles included are Vacuum, Gravity, Liquids, Steam Pulse Drying, Leak Rate Test, and Effulent.

Effluent autoclaves are prone to filters water-plugging. Caplex has tamed this beast. Those problems are a thing of the past.

Load probes can be added to any autoclave when indicated.

Any brand, any configuration

Any brand of autoclave is a candidate for the Caplex treatment - Steris, Getinge, Betastar, Primus, or any off-brand. All kinds of configurations are supported. They include:
  • single door
  • double door
  • cross-contamination seal
  • crush bio-seal
  • vacuum ejector systems
  • vacuum pump systems
  • any kind of door
  • effluent machines used in bio-containment laboratories